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Lefkada is connected to the mainland of Greece with a navigable bridge. Together with the nearby islands Skorpios, Madouri, Kastos, Kalamos and Sparti they constitute a prefecture with the capital town Lefkada.

It is 16 km away from Preveza, 100 km from Patra and 385 km from Athens. Aktion airport is 0.5 hour from Lefkada and has flights to and from Athens and many Eurpean cities.

Today the island is full of life and tourists from all over the world visit to enjoy its fabulous beaches with the crystal clear waters, the bright green scenery, the unparalleled local cuisine and to visit the sights and remnants of its great history.

The island has an excellent tourist infrastructure with high rating hotels, restaurants, bars, tavernas and cafeterias and most of all: friendly hospitality from its residents.

Vasiliki is a seaside village 38 Km from the main town of Lefkada. It is located around a picturesque port and a short walk along the beach you will find Porto Fico Hotel where you can enjoy unique hospitality in a friendly, family environment with excellent service.

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